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Model No. 11
Created By Dr. ???
Part of... Second Wave
Assigned Gender Female
Proposed Age 23
Model Height 6ft, 9in
Signature Color Dark Green
Designer CorrsollaRobot

M-11 WARWOMAN (モデル11 ウォーウーマン Moderu 11 U~ōūman), shortened to M-11, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-11 is the first of the WARMAN models produced in the second generation of WARMEN and the eleventh overall. Her concept was convinced and overseen by Dr. Gavrilovich as part of a campaign to kickstart a new wave of female models following the continued success of M-07 WARWOMAN. Much like Gavrilovich's other models, M-11 is a balance model, gravitating more towards agility than raw power, with less visible muscle.


M-11's personality can be summed up as a more intense and brash M-10: a tomboy mixed with slight feminine traits. Immensely friendly, protective, and hot-blooded with lots of energy, she's rough and speaks in a rash tone, giving off an attitude that steers far from being "lady-like". When angered or severely determined, M-11 uncontrollably raises her voice, especially when in the mist of a fight. She is also very brave and reckless about danger, which may end up getting the best of her.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

M-11 gets along well with the grand majority of the models that both proceeded and succeeded her. She has mutual friendships with M-07, M-08, M-12, M-14, and M-15, with M-12 in particular being whom she calls her best friend. She also shows and receives respect from M-01, M-02, M-10, and M-13, especially for her ability to calm M-04 WARMAN and M-06 WARMAN when they start to go too deep with their speeches towards the others.

Preferred Activities and Pastimes[edit]

M-11's favorite pastimes are what she calls "tough girl" stuff. She likes to engage in dance offs with M-02 WARMAN, spar with M-04 WARMAN and M-15 WARWOMAN, and watch anime and movies with M-08 WARMAN.

Combat Style[edit]

As a balance model, M-11 has great attack strength, movement, and a wide selection of weapons she can use effectively- both for close and long rage. Her physical attacks, especially those coming from her legs, are very effective at leaving dents in even the strongest metal. Even if she is not as skilled as some of the other models, she can outplay and fake-out foes to get the upper hand.

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