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Model No. 04
Created By Dr. ???
Part of... First Wave
Assigned Gender Male
Proposed Age 25
Model Height 5ft, 2in
Signature Color Purple
Designer CypressDahlia

M-04 WARMAN (モデル04 ウォーマン, Moderu 04 U~ōman) shortened to M-04, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-04 is the fourth in the WARMEN line of super-bionic fighter human androids, and was created to be the shortest, being the first attempt at a WARMAN that excelled in speed as opposed to raw power.


M-04 sports a "tough-guy" personality and is overly competitive, always looking for opportunities to prove his strength to his creators and the other models despite his purpose as an agility-focused WARMAN. M-04 also has a short temper, with the smallest of disagreements having the possibility of making M-04 go on a long overblown argument or worse- turn berserk and try to attack anything with his needle-sharp hair, his sharp shark-like teeth, and the other spikes present on his body. However, he is calmed easily afterwards and has no intentions on causing any real harm (even if he does accidentally damage something during the rage).

Relationship with other Models[edit]

Because of M-04's personality quirk, he is usually neglected or given a mouthful by the other models when not on the job, with the exception of models that can handle or compare themselves to his personality such as M-01, M-06, M-07, M-11, M-14, and M-15, resulting in M-04 deeming them as friendly rivals outside of missions when they're required to co-operate, inviting them to one-on-one sparing duels.

Preferred Activities and Pastimes[edit]

M-04's chamber has a wide variety of weapons, with at least half of his collection consisting of various bladed weapons and close-quarters weapons, including grenade launchers. The chamber also displays several other items he deems significant to his glory.

Combat Style[edit]

In combat, M-04's available weaponry usually revolves around average-strength weaponry, and due to being an agility build, M-04 employs "hit-and-run" tactics against large groups of enemies. Due to this, M-04 is an experienced sword and blade fighter and specializes in melee attacks with his spiny hair and the spikes present on his wrists and knees. However, he can effectively use other, more ranged weapons without trouble.

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