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Armor refers to a collective assortment of pilotable armors in the WARMAN series usable by the WARMEN.

Armors are highly advanced machines made using the same technology that goes into developing a single WARMAN or WARWOMAN. Armors can come in two different styles: Combat and Mobility, with the former being geared towards fighting while providing the WARMAN extra defenses, and the other for travel without conserving the model's fuel or energy supplies in excess amounts as running or flying via the jets on a WARMAN's body would. There is also other armor types that do not fall into the category above.

In most cases, each armor has one of two types of slots: a large oval-shaped slot with a lock-in mechanism that fits the entirety of a WARMAN's body below the waistline and uses both electricity, powerful magnetics, and retractable metal plates with cushioning on the insides to keep the WARMAN's legs in place and prevent them from falling out (though safety ejections can be done if necessary), or two smaller slots that a WARMAN inserts his/her feet into, which lock the feet in the same fashion. Certain armors may feature two additional slots that a WARMAN would insert each of their arms into, locking them in as well with slightly weaker magnetics. Some armors however have entirely different techniques of activation due to particular factors such as being more portable by being directly worn or strapped onto the model and activated with the push of a button.

The armor's movement and weapon supply are controlled by the WARMAN's mind and muscles once they are "linked" to the armor through magnetism once they engage in operating the armor, though aspects of some armors may have buttons, switches, and/or pedals for operation.

If a normal human or other creature attempts to enter and/or use an armor, it will not function, as they are programed to solely recognize the AI of a WARMAN or WARWOMAN.

Armor styles[edit]

The following is a list of all the armor types that have been manufactured; with some armors having variations with different build types and available weaponry.


  • Resembling a futuristic, modernized heavy-duty tank with multiple options of gunfire from it's main cannon and sub-cannons. In the standard production model, the main pilot enters via an oval slot in the center of the tank while a protective covering slides over and shields them as they drive and operate the tank. Other models can ride the exteriors of the tank and accompany the pilot. Some variations sport compatibility for other weapon styles and/or are built for different speed/power balances.


  • An armor style that resembles a variety of humanoid figures with large arms and/or legs while decked out with machine guns, rocket launchers, missiles, laser beams, and thrusters for mobility. The walkers exist in roughly ten different models each with different anatomy, strengths, and weaknesses, and all of them are operated from the center/chest area, which contain one or more slots.


  • A big, wide, bulky motorcycle with two thick rounded tires with dual machine-guns equipped on the sides of the front tire (which can be customized into other weapons if the model desires) and two grappling hooks fired forwards from the Moto's main body. The driver inserts their feet into two slots on the sides of the bike and assumes a sports bike position while driving the motorcycle, pushing a small handle to accelerate and another to brake. The Moto is capable of traveling up to 90 miles or 144 kilometers per hour on flat ground with retractable spikes from both tires for easier travel across uneven and slippery surfaces at the cost of some mobility, with it's heavy and durable armor allowing it and it's rider to survive heavy impacts (ontop of providing a shield on the driver). Because of it's simplicity, the Moto is the most readily-avialvable and mass-produced of the WARMEN's armors, with each of the 16 models having their own personalized Moto armor sized appropriately and with decals painted on in their signature color.


  • An armor crated to resemble that of a horse's body sans the head and neck, which is where the oval slot is positioned and the model operates the armor, giving the model and armor-combo the appearance of a centaur while also increasing the model's height slightly. This armor has thick front and hind legs to allow the model's legs to fit inside the front legs of the armor. While this armor has no weapons attached to it, it enables the model to sprint at fast speeds while using their standard weaponry thanks to a set of engines installed into the hind legs. For style, the armor can use data from the model once they enter to change the color of the plasma energy in the rear that creates the armor's "tail", as well as give it a style and color that best fits the model occupying the armor. The Centaur armor comes in both a small size and a large size.


  • A portable type of armor that is worn across a model's waist with a pair of goggles. When triggered, the model puts on the goggles and curls up, causing multiple pieces of hard steel to generate and form across the model, enclosing him or her inside a large, almost indestructible sphere of pure steel. Once a WARMAN is inside the Orb, he/she is granted view into the outside world through the goggles (maintaining a constant view in the direction the ball is facing) and can roll at high speeds for fast travel and to slam into heavy objects at a high velocity. Because of the varying sizes of each model, the Orb molds itself into a different size each time it is used based on the size of the model and the amount of space the weapons the model has attached to his/her arms and body take up.


  • An armor created to resemble the tail of a fish with the opening at the waistline of the tail being the position of the entry slot. The Merman/Mermaid armor consists of several pieces of waterproof metal scales that can flap in unison with the model that is operating it for underwater travel, and can shift slightly in thickness upon locking in with the model's legs to best match the size of the model wearing it. In addition, it grants the WARMAN operating the armor enhanced vision underwater. The armor itself can be equipped with a number of enhancements based on the type of mission or the conditions of the water.


  • A variation of the Centaur outfit modeled after a spider as opposed to a horse. The oval slot is located in the front, which the model enters by spreading and bending their knees as they enter. Once inside, the model/armor combo gives it the appearance of an arachne. Compared to the Centaur armor's mobility-focused build, the Arachne is slower but more powerful, with eight heavily armored and sturdy legs controlled by the model piloting it with sharp bladed ends each powered by an individual mini-engine. Each of the eight legs can be customized with different "feet" to allow it to travel across different terrain types that it's blades cannot stab into easily. The mechanical abdomen attached to the back of the model can fold in several different directions and can be armed with different free-aiming power weapons, similar to those on the Tank armor. Scattered around the Arachne armor are several surfaces with LED lights underneath, which change to match the color of the WARMAN in operation of the armor.


  • A portable, circular-shaped "armor" that is strapped and locked onto the side of a model's hips. When triggered, it envelops the model in plasma and transforms their body, including their equipped weapons, fuelbacks, and the Holo-Outfit's device into a standard human's outfit, as well as changing the collision to match the outfit that they transform into, but it cannot directly alter the body or shape of a model or their faces. It can be easily customized to clad the model in many different outfits, but only one outfit can be assigned to each device at a time. The model can deactivate their hologram and revert to their normal, battle-ready outfit by holding their index and middle fingers on their hip (where the device would be located if the WARMAN was not transformed) for two seconds. From there, the plasma will envelop their body and remove the outfit, re-morphing them into their normal appearance. The Holo-Outfit can also be used with other armors, retaining the model's holographic outfit as they operate an armor. If the model is equipped with the Orb armor, it will be visible on the model's waist while transformed, and can be used while the Holo-Outfit is active.
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