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Model No. 07
Created By Dr. Gavrilovich
Part of... First Wave
Assigned Gender Female
Proposed Age 23
Model Height 6ft, 10.5 in
Signature Color Orange
Designer SuperJustinBros
Oad-art (Bottom legs and additional details)

M-07 WARWOMAN (モデル07 ウォーウーマン Moderu 07 U~ōūman), shortened to M-07, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-07 is the seventh of fighter androids known as the WARMEN, and is the only of the first generation to be female. Despite this, she displays as much strength and force as her brothers.

She was created by Dr. Gavrilovich, who would later go on to manufacture her brother M-10.


M-07 is a very serious fighter with a masculine overtone, speaking in a rough, deep speech tone to parallel those of the all-male first wave of WARMEN. She's serious and tough, sporting a "big sister" mentality with a goal to keep herself and her teammates safe from danger and backing them up when tension builds up. Even with her masculinity ruling over her feminine side, M-07 can drop the brash tone and act more calmly and collected, especially when someone is in danger.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

M-07's relationships with the other models models are very strong, as she was welcomed by the first six WARMEN with open arms and did the same for the remaining models to follow. She respects and is respected by both the WARMEN and WARWOMEN, in particular M-01 M-04, M-05, M-06, M-10, M-11, and M-12, for being the original female model and her success leading to the creation of other WARWOMEN to fight.

Combat Style[edit]

M-07 has always lived with the quote "A real lady never gives up" and it represents her battle style. She is a balanced build much like Gavrilovich's other models to follow, having no real strengths or weaknesses. She is quick on her feet, very aerobic, and her extreme muscle mass gives her enormous strength. She can use weapons of many power levels, shifting her loadouts to keep her fighting style from going stale as well as adapting to any battle strategy her opponent(s) are weak to. She'll always be there for her teammates to provide backup, no matter the cause.


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