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Model No. 10
Created By Dr. Gavrilovich
Part of... First Wave
Assigned Gender Male
Proposed Age 26
Model Height 7ft, 1in
Signature Color Black
Designer SuperJustinBros
Sour Shock (Bottom legs and additional details)

M-10 WARMAN (モデル10 ウォーマン, Moderu 10 U~ōman) shortened to M-10, is the lead character of the WARMAN series.


M-10 is the tenth in the WARMEN line of super-bionic fighter human androids created by Dr. Gavrilovich, who previously made M-07.


M-10 is highly heroic, fearless, confident, and will take to extreme lengths to accomplish his tasks and won’t rest until he succeeds. M-10 considers himself a leading figure of the WARMEN being built with the intention of a model that excelled in almost every trait. Despite being deemed as flawless by many, M-10 can easily get carried away with his implied leadership and determination and can get the best of him when overwhelmed. Additionally, M-10 disregards risks when operating certain weapons and can show a competitive nature, especially with M-01 WARMAN and M-06 WARMAN if their plans and goals contradict one another's. Lastly, while M-10 is considered an all around fighter that can fulfill virtually any role requested, he can be outclassed by a model that favors or specializes or favors only one or two fighting styles.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

M-10 considers M-03, M-05, M-07, M-08, and M-09 his closest companions and greatest allies. Upon their creation, M-12, M-13 and M-16 would also go to develop strong bonds with M-10, with M-12 in particular having a very soft spot for M-10 and referring to him as "big brother".

Preferred Activities and Pastimes[edit]

In his chamber, M-10 enjoys listening to various genres of music through a headset, including punk rock, techno, rap, and heavy metal, the latter two serving as his personal favorite genres. M-10 also has a full turntable system set up, which he'll sometimes bring into M-02 WARMAN's chamber to link up with his dance floor and speaker systems, or M-13's to do a similar effect with her laser lights, spotlights, and speaker systems. M-10's chamber also contains two closets and sliding walls filled with weapons and tools, with others mounted on the chamber walls. Some of M-10's weaponry were looted from enemy forces due to their potential power and were modified by the scientists of the lab for his use.

Combat Style[edit]

As a fighter, M-10 is designed to be fast, strong, and durable, equipping himself with a large variety of weapons, gadgets and armor to keep his foes off-guard. Thanks to his status as a balanced build, he can successfully pull off different fighting styles, including but not limited to ranged, close-quarters, hit-and-run, and all-out attacker.


Official Art[edit]

Others' Art[edit]

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