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The SKYMEN and their female counterparts, the SKYWOMEN, are a series of humanoid war machines in the WARMAN series built around aerial combat, and serve as the successors to the WARMEN.


The SKYMEN were created on an Earth-like planet with many floating continents that was discovered and starting to have an influx of human activity. SKYMEN and SKYWOMEN are very similar to WARMEN, being built with many of the same specifications and guidelines as their predecessors in terms of their human-like design, personality, and the ability to emote. However, their armor is crafted to give off a more sleek, futuristic vibe.

Unlike the WARMEN which were made to handle grounded battles, the SKYMEN are specifically tailored for aerial combat, with modernized builds allowing for faster and more fluid movement in the sky using ultra-powered jetpacks or turbines with wings as opposed to the more basic fuel packs of the WARMEN which simply provide increased longevity and limited control in the air. As with the WARMEN, the SKYMEN can remove their jetpacks- though this will greatly hinder their flight capabilities and require them to eat and drink consumable goods to keep themselves fueled. All of the SKYMEN wear some kind of colored visor or other eyewear, which can be retracted or removed.

The SKYMEN and SKYWOMEN use newer, sleeker and more refined reversions of the weapons the WARMEN and WARWOMEN use, alongside a new selection of weapons and Armor geared towards battles in the air.

Weapon Types[edit]

Available to use by the SKYMEN are a wide variety of different weapons, which include a slightly different selection of weapons from the WARMEN's selection:

  • Machine Guns
  • Miniguns and Chainguns
  • Rocket/Missile Launchers
  • Lazer Cannons
  • Lazer blades
  • Railguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Plasma Launchers

Unlike the WARMEN, no SKYMAN has a weapon customized to match their visual preferences.


A total of nine SKYMEN and SKYWOMEN were created, continuing from and using the same numbering system as the WARMEN. The models are numbered 17 through 25 and consist of seven males and two females.

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