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Model No. 14
Created By Dr. ???
Part of... Second Wave
Assigned Gender Female
Proposed Age 28
Model Height 7ft
Signature Color Grey
Designer Dragoon-Rekka

M-14 WARWOMAN (モデル14 ウォーウーマン Moderu 14 U~ōūman), shortened to M-14, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-14 is the fourth of the WARMAN models produced in the second generation of WARMEN and the fourteenth overall. Her powerful and bulky-based design was assembled very differently compared to the other models, with most of her protective armor located under her artificial skin and leather as opposed to on or above it. Furthermore, M-14 has a personalized chaingun mounted onto her right arm which can be swapped out for a standard hand if she desires.


M-14's is brash, moody, and sassy, secretly having the mindset of "women are superior" and believing "girl power" can solve anything. Being deathly serious and to the point, she has no shame in stating the honest truth- however it may be, without a second thought.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

M-14 sees M-11 WARWOMAN as a close friend and personally idolizes M-01 WARMAN. When not in action, she is one of the few models that can take M-04 WARMAN's egotism head-on and is feared by M-15 WARWOMAN for having the biggest winning streak against her in wrestling matches. Her relationship with M-12 WARWOMAN is disputed due to their conflicting personalities, though M-14 personally tries not to get onto her bad side and even would do anything to help her if she's in dire need of assistance.

Preferred Activities and Pastimes[edit]

Unlike the other models, M-14 spends most of her free time outside her chamber, which is rarely touched unless M-14 is sleeping or choosing a loadout from her personal collection of weapons for missions.

Combat Style[edit]

Taking a cue from M-01's fighting style, M-14 is the powerhouse of the WARWOMEN, tailoring herself towards heavy-duty equipment to blast open holes in whatever stands in front of her. Explosives are her personal favorites, as they go well together with the chaingun on her right arm. Her body armor is surprisingly durable, and her skin is made of a much thicker material than those used on the other models to ensure it cannot be damaged and torn apart easily. If M-14 runs out of ammunition with her heavy weaponry, she will resort to using them as blunt force weapons- swinging them around and bashing her enemies in their weakest spots at full force.

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