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Model No. 09
Created By Dr. ???
Part of... First Wave
Assigned Gender Male
Proposed Age 25
Model Height 7ft, 2in
Signature Color Magenta
Designer Zhdara

M-09 WARMAN (モデル09 ウォーマン, Moderu 09 U~ōman), shortened to M-09, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-09 is the ninth in the WARMEN line of super-bionic fighter human androids. Much like fellow model M-04 WARMAN, M-09 was designed with speed and agility in mind as opposed to strength and durability, giving him less muscle than the other male models despite being the average height of a WARMAN.


M-09 is calm, smooth, and supportive, being one of the more tamer and less rough of the models. However he is also shown to be a bit on the flamboyant side and has a craving for sweets, especially bubble gum and cotton candy-flavored lollipops. He'll sometimes bring a lollipop into battle, keeping the treat in his mouth as he fights enemy forces.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

M-09 enjoys talking and hanging out with the other models, especially with M-10 WARMAN who he sees as a big brother figure and a personal idol. He also favors M-12 WARWOMAN for her sweetness and interest in M-09's candy and treats.

Combat Style[edit]

As a fighter, M-09 is experienced at fast-paced close combat, dual-wielding a variety of swords and blades to slice apart foes with. M-09 is also handy with ranged weapons (excluding sniper rifles and other weapons that require extreme precision), and his dexterity enables him to dodge and roll out of harm's way. M-09 considers himself at his best when he's pared with and cooperating with the other models, though he is fully capable of functioning on his own, dashing and slicing through crowds of enemies with his bladed weapons.


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