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Model No. 06
Created By Dr. ???
Part of... First Wave
Assigned Gender Male
Proposed Age 31
Model Height 7ft, 4in
Signature Color Green
Designer GanacheToe

M-06 WARMAN (モデル06 ウォーマン, Moderu 06 U~ōman), shortened to M-06, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-06 is the sixth in the WARMEN line of super-bionic fighter human androids. As with M-05 WARMAN, he was an attempt at creating a model that factored in strength, agility, and durability, with the latter two being M-06's stronger points.


M-06 portrays himself as one of the more intelligent and strategic models of his crew, with extensive maps and battle plans being drawn out by him from inside his personal chamber. While he is an overconfident and determined fighter, M-06 is a zero-tolerance individual who takes everything with a grain of salt, and being a perfectionist is quick to critique or rant on another's actions or battle plan if he declares it doesn't work to his or his crew's favor.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

Due to his serious personality and blatant perfectionism, M-06 gained a questionably negative reputation from some of the more laid-back and fun-seeking models such as M-02, M-05, and later on M-12, even if they know M-06 is trying to do what's best for everybody and they ultimately appreciate his presence. He does have a good friendship with the more mature M-01 and M-13 who try to calm M-06 down when stress builds up. M-06 would eventually warm up to M-08 and M-10 and form small friendships between each other (despite still sparking the occasional argument with M-08). After her creation, M-11 WARWOMAN became a last resort to helping soothe M-06, as her tone of speaking closely matches M-06's.

Preferred Activities and Pastimes[edit]

In the lab and other places of importance, M-06's time is spent observing and assisting the scientists' work. He likes to study landscapes and experiment on different battle strategies and techniques in his chamber- sometimes spending a lengthy amount of time doing so. Because of this, M-06 has little to no time to spend with the other models. Apart from strategizing, M-06 likes to draw up detailed sketches of different figures in pencil, which has earned him praise from the scientists and other models checking on him and catching him putting his artistic skills to use.

Combat Style[edit]

Once locked into combat, M-06 will always strike with his wide range of weaponry when an opportunity rises, running and soaring at high speeds around the battlefield to study the enemy's moves before charging in while giving commands and orders to allies.


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