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Model No. 02
Created By Dr. ???
Part of... First Wave
Assigned Gender Male
Proposed Age 36
Model Height 7ft, 4in
Signature Color Red
Designer sacodesaga

M-02 WARMAN (モデル02 ウォーマン, Moderu 02 U~ōman) shortened to M-02, is a character in the WARMAN series.


M-02 is the second in the WARMEN line of super-bionic fighter human androids, following the creation of M-01 WARMAN. Unlike M-01, M-02's creation was led by three different scientists, one of these being M-01's designer. Also unlike M-01, he was created with overall less bulk, allowing for greater movement capabilities.


In sharp contrast to M-01, M-02 is far more chaotic, care-free, and laid-back, always seeking out opportunities for entertainment through combat or other means. M-02's trademark habit is dancing in his personal chamber, which he configured with strobe lights, a disco ball, speakers, and a dance floor.

Relationship with other Models[edit]

M-02 is close companions with M-01 and they both spend a decent amount of time together if M-01 is not busy with other tasks he deems more important. He has good synergy with M-08 WARMAN and M-10 WARMAN, chilling out with the former and engaging in danceathons with the latter's turntable system, which can link up with the speakers and dance floor in M-02's chamber. After her creation, M-11 WARWOMAN warmed up to him as well, joining him for friendly dance-offs.

Combat Style[edit]

When engaged in combat, M-02 enjoys taunting and mocking his foes as he fires away with his weapons, ducking and flipping around with his extreme dexterity and accuracy to dodge incoming attacks. His firearms have respective firepower and can down a large number of targets or several bigger targets in one session, though he cannot arm himself with the heavy-duty weapons as well as M-01 can (being able to only hold weapons and equipment that weigh up to 160 pounds/72 kilograms). M-02 also has good hand-to-hand combat, throwing fast punches, powerful kicks, and headbutting targets with the razor-sharp blade inside his red mohawk hair.

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